Energy medicine is the practice of using source energy to heal from within. I’ve been hyper-aware of my emotions and feelings from a young age, however, being in control of my emotions was not something I was skilled at. Energy and vibrations exist in everything around us. From the pencil, we journal with to the person sitting next to us. Everything is constantly vibrating and sending out frequencies into the world. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “good vibes” and I’m here to tell you there is a scientific meaning behind it! 

When objects vibrate at a higher vibration, energy is able to flow easily through them making them lighter and more pleasant to be around. However, when objects vibrate at a lower frequency the energy it emits is negative which can bring a person’s mood down.

I decided to visit an energy healer for three reasons. I didn’t feel in control of my energy and there was a heaviness weighing me down, I lacked clarity in my goals and aspirations and the opportunity to experience a reiki session flowed into my life. I believe that signs should not be ignored and intuition is powerful. After a few weeks of toying with the idea, I booked my appointment. 

I walked into the appointment not knowing what to expect but trusting that I would be guided through it. I left feeling empowered, strong, and clear-headed. My vibrations never felt higher.


1. To learn more about yourself

2. Before a reiki session, I would suggest setting your intentions for what you want to get out of it. Journaling and doing some introspection are great ways to dive deep and gain insight into yourself prior to your session. Your energy healer will give meaning to the heaviness and tension you hold throughout your body. You will realize what kind of person you are and how your traits have affected you throughout your life both positively and negatively.

3. Heal past trauma

4. As you flow through life, experiences since childhood linger and compound without your awareness. They latently alter our minds and behavior and can cause us to carry heaviness on our shoulders. Through energy healing and guided reiki, you can heal past traumas, starting with your inner child. You can forgive yourself and accept that you are not your past and you can become the person you desire and aspire to be.

5. Give meaning and clarity to feelings that arise

6. Many times people bury emotions that feel uncomfortable. When you do this, they fester and become abstract and unresolved feelings that linger in your minds and body. No longer do you know why you feel an ache in your heart or a pain in your body? Your energy healer can guide you back to moments when this negative emotion first arose. You can then process the emotion and let it go, cleansing your being of what no longer serves you.

7. To heal painful bodies and ancestral trauma.

8. You are the sum of all your ancestors. Energy compounds through generations and is passed down to your soul. Painbodies can be felt within your body, they can appear as pain, weight in the chest, aches in your joints, and other physical ailments. Healing pain bodies and ancestral trauma is difficult to work, but once you have healed from it you will be the last lineage for it to burden. Releasing pain bodies from yourself can evoke agonizing thoughts, almost like sucking the venom out of a snake bite. But once you rid yourself of the bane you will tread lighter spiritually.

9. Create a distinct plan to heal yourself.

10. The true work from reiki and energy healing takes place after the session is over. Your healer will know your energy well by the end and you will understand what you need from yourself to manifest positivity and raise your vibration. Your healer may suggest rituals and cleanses for you to partake in on your own to further aid your healing process and energy detox. Lastly, the power within you will be so strong and clear that you will know exactly what you need from yourself and how to manifest the life you strive to live.