Here are some of the following places I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to in my journey, and I’ve broken them down into little shorts that are easily digestible & and applicable should you be interested in going to those destinations! 

Feel free to have a look around & see if any of these wonderful locations pique your interest. You never know which destination may just be your new favorite!


Lebanon - Known as the Paris of the Middle East. Lebanon’s Mediterranean lust, enigmatic culture and lifestyle, organized chaos and resilience will make it hard to leave.


Istanbul, Turkey - The former Ottoman Empire. Istanbul reminds me of a personified city of Agrabah from Alladin. It’s rich with opulent history, incredible food and countless sides to be experienced.


Tulum - From the beach to the jungle, the energy in this small town has drawn travelers in from all corners of the world. Whether you are seeking yourself or a jungle party. This is where your inner child can play.


Boston: Rich with history and its own special culture, this quaint city hosts the roots of America which is evident through its unique architecture, museums and elite schools. But a new edge is emerging with the future of tech and evolution.


OAXACA: The birthplace of corn and squash, this beautiful town in Mexico is considered one of the country's gastronomic capitals, with an exquisite lineup of food for travelers who enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone. With pleasant weather year round, you can’t go wrong visiting this wonderful little town that’s filled with rich culture & history.


GREECE: A land that was once known for being the cradle of Western Civilization, the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games and a rich ancient history with magnificent temples to show for it. This popular summer destination is known for its rich culture, exotic cuisine & stunning views from one of the seven islands located in the Mediterranean.


MIAMI: A stunning, vibrant city that is known around the world for its pulsating nightlife & mixture of latin american cultures. You’ll never get bored with the cuisine or party lifestyle that Miami has to offer, as well as its year round beach friendly weather.


NEW ORLEANS: This wonderful location is by far the most unique city in the USA, mostly due to its multicultural history. Notoriously known for its yearly “Mardi Gras” Carnival, partying on bourbon street is definitely an experience you don’t want to skip out on!


BARBADOS: Gorgeous beaches, rich marine life, and breathtaking coastal scenery. What more could you ask for when thinking about where to plan your next vacation? With so much to do like first-class adventure sports, historic hikes and dramatic caves to explore, you couldn’t go wrong with visiting this beautiful island country!