The Truth About Celery Juice

The Truth About Celery Juice

We’ve ALL heard of it. People claim it gave them superpowers and brought their childhood dog back to life. But here’s what it does, and my tried and true outcome from drinking it every morning for 2 weeks. I bought the cheapest juicer I could find on amazon a few years back in college, and hadn’t touched it for a while so I figured this would be a good way to put it to use. I’m a huge fan of green juice, and I remember celery gave me the most bang for my buck and was the least painful to juice since they’re mostly water and took little effort to get a good amount of liquid out.

 There is a long list of benefits to drinking celery juice, from deeper hydration to alkalizing your body and improving immunity. But I was on a quest to bust the myths and put the juice to the test. 


The main reason I wanted to try this out was hydration. Celery hydrates at a cellular level, meaning that it penetrates individual cells and contains minerals and important vitamins you may be lacking from your normal diet. I am typically dry so I love anything that provides extra hydration. Another reason I decided to try this was the anti-inflammatory properties of celery juice. It alkalizes your body, helps detox your liver if taken on an empty stomach, and fights infections, which we all know is very important at this time. 

There are numerous other reasons I wanted to try this, but the last one I’ll mention is it’s cheap! Yes, it is so cheap and easy… if you make it yourself. Celery Juice can cost you over $10 for a bottle if you buy it from a store, but I was able to make 3 days’ worth for under $5 by juicing at home. I highly suggest juicing at home or if you don’t have a juicer try blending it in a food processor and straining it with cheesecloth. 


I juiced 2 bunches of celery every three days, this made me 3 16oz glasses of fresh juice which I drank on an empty stomach. I didn’t add anything to the juice because it interferes with the benefits, and honestly call me weird but I love the taste of plain celery juice. 


  • Hydration I felt way more hydrated which is one of the top two reasons I wanted to try this out. Celery hydrates at a cellular level, meaning that
  • Fewer headaches – I think this was because of the hydration, but I usually get tension headaches throughout the day and have dull pain, after a few days of drinking celery juice I noticed my headaches were not as bad.
  • Fewer cravings – I craved acidic foods less, like coffee and sugar, which resulted in healthier eating throughout the day.  I usually start my day with green tea and will switch to coffee around 11, but I guess because I started my day with celery juice and then green tea, it set the tone for my day, and consumed more nourishing foods.
  • Better digestion – Celery has many digestive enzymes, which are great to help break down food and balance the pH of your stomach. I was feeling bloated and fatigued before these two weeks, but I noticed now I’m feeling much lighter and I have a lot more energy
  • GLOWING – I mentioned I usually feel dehydrated, but since I started drinking celery juice my skin and eyes have felt less dry and more vibrant


Do I think all these benefits were caused by the celery juice alone? Not. However, I do think drinking celery juice in the morning is a great flush of vitamins and hydration to kickstart your day and does provide these benefits. More importantly, it sets your day on a healthy, anti-inflammatory note which helps you make better decisions for your body. I continue to juice celery and drink it in the morning a few times a week for these reasons. After all little extra green is always good!