Santa Teresa is full of vibrant, healthy food, after spending a month in this beach town, it’s safe to say that I ate at almost every restaurant multiple times- for research of course. So I could put together this extensive restaurant guide to help you eat your way through Santa Teresa!


Think endless smoothie bowls and colorful salads and you have Santa Teresa. My go-to spot for acai is El Patio, it was conveniently down the street from my Airbnb, and I’d usually pair it with a bulletproof coffee, and for lunch tuna salad.

El Patio


Verma was recommended by some of the long-lived locals when I first arrived and I wanted to highlight it here because their savory matcha pancakes – made with spinach, spirulina and oat flour did change me. This superfood stack is layered with hummus, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and crunchy garbanzo beans. You have to try them for yourself!

Ani’s – A great cafe for brunch, I loved their salads and toasts

El Patio Cafe – this was my favorite place for a smoothie bowl and their seared tuna salad was my lunch staple. Another notable item is their bulletproof coffee! 

El Patio

Bali Beach Deli – This menu is extensive and so good, their croissant breakfast sandwiches are to die for, along with their pancakes! 

Cafca cafe – Not only does this cafe have delicious food, but their pinto gallo de la casa is perfect, they also have stable wifi for all my fellow remote workers! 

Horizon – With the best view in town overlooking the ocean, you can’t go wrong with grabbing a meal here after a yoga class in their tree house

The Bakery – This is easily the most popular breakfast spot in Santa Teresa, they have incredible pastries but also amazing savory Israeli dishes.

Kavita – The restaurant inside Pranamar villas – is full of incredible high-vibe food with a beautiful atmosphere as well. Added tip – take a class at Pranamar, this was my favorite spot for yoga in Santa Teresa.

Eat Street – An outdoor eatery with different cuisines to satisfy your whole group! I loved their healthy bowls for dinner! 

The Rambler (in Selina North) -Selina is a tried and true brand across the region, this cafe has great wifi and food making it the perfect place to camp out and get some work done


Unfortunately, there was a curfew of 9 pm during my time in Santa Teresa so I wasn’t able to get the full nightlife experience. However, I want to highlight two restaurants that offered delicious food and a great vibe.

Koji’s was my favorite for sushi. The candle-lit, outdoor seating was warm and inviting, and the sushi was even better. For rolls, I suggest ordering the crunch and red snapper. As for drinks – the honey smoke – Koji’s hidden cocktail –  is incredible if you’re a whiskey fanatic.

Next door is El Corazon. I had a special draw to this modern tapas-style restaurant, since it reminded me of the cuisine I enjoyed during my time in Spain. The menu here is all vegan and vegetarian – no meat. My favorite items are croquettes, butternut squash, mushroom bao, and for dessert cheesecake. Trust me, get the cheesecake.

Katana – Great cocktails & sushi, try the Santa Teresa smash


La Kika – live music, great vibe

Lora Amarilla – The town “discoteca” with a soda attached, get the ceviche

Drift Bar – Vegetarians/Vegan, gluten-free & vegan desserts to die for! Seriously… I ate there almost every day for a week

El Falcon – Argentinian food, great burgers

Burger Rancho – Argentinian Burgers

Kooks – Classic New York Barbecue, the owner moved to Santa Teresa to open this classic bbq restaurant, quality is a priority here! 

Amici – Italian food, stone oven pizza

El Corazon

Pronto – Italian food, known for its pasta

Hotel Vista de Olas – Great view from the pool, perfect for a sunset drink

Beach Restaurants:

Habanero – Great for a date night and beach vibes with delicious seafood

Manzu – Perfect to watch the sunset with a cocktail

Rancho Ituana – Brazilian food with a beach club, they often have a DJ here with dancing! 

Rocomar – casual and chill with great food. This is your spot to have a low-key afternoon at the end of the beach.

Banana Beach – Known for its parties right on the beach! 

Costa Rican Food:

Comida tipica! Last but not least, Costa Rican cuisine. “Sodas” are the place to have true Costa Rican food, they are considered smaller than a restaurant, but many still have an extensive menu. The one I would usually dine at is La Tiquicia – a recommendation by my surf instructor. For breakfast I would always order the “pinto gallo de la casa” – it has everything you need on one plate. Eggs, beans and rice, salad, bacon, plantains, and natilla – which is almost like sour cream. You can get this dish at all the breakfast spots I listed as well. But why not enjoy an authentic one at a soda for half the price?! Another frequent order of mine was ceviche – fish, shrimp, octopus, served with patacones – these are plantains that are

La Tiquicia

smashed and deep-fired to create a slightly sweet and soft chip. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Lastly, I would accompany all my meals here with a jugo natural – natural juice. You can choose from a long list of fresh fruits, however, I would usually get papaya or mango – two fruits that are especially tasty in Costa Rica.

la Tiquicia – This was my go-to spot for Costa Rican food and was introduced to me by my surf instructor Juan who is a true local.

Chicken Joe’s – Another one of Santa Teresa’s local spots! Known for pollo asado and ceviche.