Earn Money While You Travel

Earn Money While You Travel

How To Live Your Dream Life

A couple years ago I was living on the beach. I would sit on the sunlit balcony of my apartment and absorb the view of the Mediterranean Sea and read my book – the four hour work week – by Tim Ferris. I was 21 years old, I’d just graduated from university and I was living the life Ferris was teaching others to attain.

It wasn’t because I had a lot of money—  it was because I valued my freedom more than money. In fact, at that time I was earning €1000/month and living off of it. I paid my rent, car payments, expenses and still managed to travel (a lot). I’m not saying it was easy, but I’m saying it is possible.

Fast forward, I moved back to the US after a year, got a corporate job like I was supposed to and “started my career”. I didn’t even make it a year.

I’m not ashamed I quit, in fact I’m proud of it. I knew myself well enough to know that it was out of alignment with my spirit. I was more at peace in Spain, but I was just surviving, I made ends meet but I wasn’t doing what lit my soul on fire there either. I made more money working my corporate job but I was a zombie. I reflected on these experiences, gathering data to lead me down a curated path.

This so-called “curated path” is not straight, but it’s far better than the one society sent me on when I returned from Spain.

Take your experiences, weigh the pros and cons, and take what you liked and apply them to your life. Figure out how to obtain the good and minimize the bad. That is how you live the life of your dreams ☁️

5 Ways To Earn Money While You Travel:

  1. Social Media – Most of us are already hanging out on social media so why not earn some money while you’re at it? And the best part is you can employ this tip whether you have a following or not. Social media accounts require many different skill sets including photography, graphic design, prospecting, and even just engagement. If you don’t yet have a following, reach out to businesses and offer them to help with some of these tasks, you can complete them from anywhere and earn some extra cash. If you do have a following, you can become a brand ambassador or affiliate to earn some income through promoting products, or even create a product of your own. A few of my favorite social media gurus to learn from are Vanessa Lau, Jade Darmawangsa, and Cathrin Manning. The possibilities are endless and you can do it all on the road.

  1. Teaching English Online – I spent a year teaching English in Spain and the majority of my peers opted to extend teaching to children in China and were earning $20/hour to do so. Two popular platforms to do this are GoGoKid and VIPKid. To apply you must have a four-year bachelors degree. You register on the website and go through an interview process and mock class, then you’re in! There is a bit of a time difference depending on what part of the world you’re in but you typically chose your schedule and have a lot of flexibility with where and when you work.
  1. Walking Tour Guide – If you’re planning on having a base in another country, being a guide is a great way to earn some extra cash, get to know your new home, and meet lots of travelers like you! I did a variation of this while in college in Austin, Texas and I basically got paid to walk around my favorite part of town and have a drink with new friends. Find out if the city you’re in offers walking tours – I usually find these on tripadvisor.com and ask a guide on how you can get started.
  2. Investing Online – I’ve begun to explore trading more in the past couple of years, and if you are educated and know what you are doing it can prove quite fruitful. During my time in Tulum, Mexico, I met many people who were living lavishly off of trading alone, however, it does take knowledge and skill. I would suggest taking a course or doing some self-learning before diving in, since it is a risk that could potentially result in loss. However, this is one of the fastest ways to earn cash once you get the hang of it.
  3. Freelancing – If you have a skill, put it to use! Today there are numerous websites where you can hire others from around the world to complete tasks of all sorts – from photography and photo editing to copywriting to coding. A couple of popular ones include Fiverr.com and Upwork. These jobs are usually by contract so they are flexible and you can complete them from anywhere. And if you don’t have a marketable skill I suggest finding something you enjoy and building one. You can carry this with you around the world and earn money as you travel.